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The Faux Coffee Pusher/ Cart operations - Atlanta, GA, USA - 54353

Your job is the dopest! You get to distribute the product all over Midtown Atlanta with proper introduction with the purpose of influence. It is you with the leg work that creates the demand for our supply! You create pure pandemonium! So show some excitement and loads of personality. This is part time employment.
Must be a self starter and self motivated. Good communication skills is a must. Entry level positions available
As an employee you can buy from us at a wholesale rate
Give out samples and sale! 
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The Faux Coffee Trapper/ Event Vendor - Atlanta, GA, USA - 3532

Baby you are the plug! With the connections that you make the trap star and the pusher relies on you. The pusher(cart operations) relies on you to assist in getting the word and the samples out. Most importantly; sale!
Must Have transportation, bubbly personality, some sales experience needed.
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The Faux Coffee Trap-Star - Atlanta, GA, USA - 6574

From city to cit and coast to coast your job responsibilities requires the most. What this means is the more you connect, the more you negotiate, the more you make. Your sales experience will be tested as you will work primarily with the stores.
Sales experience required, strong communication skills, written and verbal. transportation a must!
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