Latoya Jones-Stafford:June 22 at 6:27pm

I really enjoyed the Mocha's Delight flavor. Thank you for creating an alternative coffee beverage for people like me who are sensitive to coffee and caffeine. I have been making weekly purchases to Rainbow Grocery store for my morning brew. I heat it up and pour in my travel mug and I'm good just to go. 👍🏾

Khade Beam:Khade Beam

June 22 at 5:42pm Nubian Huenon Brew faux coffee beverage gives me life ! It has the taste of coffee which I was addicted too. Now instead of getting a latte every day I can have a cold or warm healthy alternative. It has rich natural flavors that put a smile in my belly. I get the same coffee experience minus the coffee! Oh and its dairy free ! My favorite flavors are brown sugar, pecan posh and macha ! I would describe Nubian Huenon Brew as a heavenly holistic brew! It has helped me decrease my coffee intake tramatically and serves as a good breakfast drink before I teach Yoga! Thank you for making this healthy, delicious energizing drink :)!!